Animal Crackers
Directed by Victor Heerman
Written by George S. Kaufman,
Morrie Ryskind
Brothers Groucho,
Produced by  ?
Distributed by Paramount
Year released 1930
Runtime 97 min.
IMDb page

Animal Crackers is the second movie released by the Marx Bros.


A famous explorer, Captain Spaulding, returns from his expedition to Africa to find a party being thrown in his honour by Mrs Rittenhouse, a wealthy widow. He finds that at this party R.W. Chandler has chosen to unvail his newly bought Beaugard painting. This painting is worth a fortune. Two women conspire to steal this painting on the night it is unvailed. A couple also want to steal the painting, to place the man's copy in its place in order to make him a reputation as an artist.


Captain SpauldingGroucho
The ProfessorHarpo
Mrs. RittenhouseMargaret Dumont
Arabella RittenhouseLillian Roth
Roscoe W. ChandlerLouis Sorin
John ParkerHal Thompson
Mrs. WhiteheadMargaret Irving
Grace CarpenterKathryn Reece
Hives (the butler)Robert Greig
Inspector HennessyEdward Metcalfe

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