All of the Marx Brothers' movies are listed below.

1920s Edit

  1. Humor Risk, 1921 (Unknown)
  2. The Cocoanuts, 1929 (Paramount)

1930s Edit

  1. Animal Crackers, 1930 (Paramount)
  2. The House That Shadows Built, 1931 (Paramount)
  3. Monkey Business, 1931 (Paramount)
  4. Horse Feathers, 1932 (Paramount)
  5. Duck Soup, 1933 (Paramount)
  6. A Night at the Opera, 1935 (MGM)
  7. A Day at the Races, 1937 (MGM)
  8. Room Service, 1938 (RKO)
  9. At the Circus, 1939 (MGM)

1940s Edit

  1. Go West, 1940 (MGM)
  2. The Big Store, 1941 (MGM)
  3. A Night in Casablanca, 1946 (United Artists)
  4. Love Happy, 1949 (United Artists)

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